The following sections list the primary ways to navigate in MailMate using the keyboard only. Note that using custom key bindings you can also assign your own keys for these actions and you can make specialized key bindings, for example, to use a single key to jump to a specific mailbox.


Action Key
Go to Mailbox… ⌘T
Go to Source ⌥⌘S


The space key (␣) can be used to scroll the content of a message, but when at the bottom of a message the space key selects the next message (the exact behavior depends on the date sorting used).

Action Key
Next Message ⌘↓
Previous Message ⌘↑
Next Unread Message ⌥⌘↓
Previous Unread Message ⌥⌘↑

Note that all of these shortcuts auto-expands threads as needed.


Action Key
Next Thread ⌃⌘↓
Previous Thread ⌃⌘↑
Next Unread Thread ⌃⌥⌘↓
Previous Unread Thread ⌃⌥⌘↑
Root of Thread ⌃⌘R

Note that “Next/Previous Unread Thread” also marks all messages in the current thread as read.