Key Binding Selectors

Selector Argument Action
nextMessage: - Move to next message (expand if possible)
previousMessage: - Move to previous message
nextThread: - Move to next thread
previousThread: - Move to previous thread
nextUnreadMessage: - Move to next unread message (expand if possible)
previousUnreadMessage: - Move to previous unread message
nextUnreadThread: - Move to next unread thread
previousUnreadThread: - Move to previous unread thread
rootOfThread: - Move to root of thread (search for thread if necessary)
lastOfThread: - Move to last message of thread (with respect to received date)
selectNextMessageRow: - Select next message (without expanding)
selectPreviousMessageRow: - Select previous message (same as previousMessage:)
selectFirstMessageRow: - Select first message
selectLastMessageRow: - Select last message
expand: - Expand selected messages
collapse: - Collapse selected messages
expandThread: - Expand selected threads
collapseThread: - Collapse selected threads
expandAll: - Expand all threads
collapseAll: - Collapse all threads
scrollPageDown: - Scroll one page down
scrollPageUp: - Scroll one page up
scrollToTop: - Scroll to the top of a list, for example, the message list.
scrollToBottom: - Scroll to the bottom of a list, for example, the message list.
scrollPageDownOrNextUnreadMessage: - Scroll one page down if possible or skip to next message
makeFirstResponder: View identifier Move focus to a specific view (identifiers can be found in layout files)
selectNextKeyView: Move focus to the next key view as when using tab (⇥)  
selectPreviousKeyView: Move focus to the previous key view as when using shift-tab (⇧⇥)  
goToMailbox: Mailbox UUID (optional) Select mailbox (or show mailbox selection window)
goToDestinationMailbox: - Select the destination mailbox of the most recently moved message and select the message
selectNextMailboxRow: - Select next mailbox (without expanding)
selectPreviousMailboxRow: - Select previous mailbox
selectNextMailbox: - Select next mailbox (expand if possible)
selectPreviousMailbox: - Select previous mailbox (same as selectPreviousMailboxRow:)
selectNextCountedMailbox: - Select next mailbox with a non-zero displayed count (expand if possible)
selectPreviousCountedMailbox: - Select previous mailbox with a non-zero displayed count
selectNextCountedMailboxRow: - Select next mailbox with a non-zero displayed count (without expanding)
selectPreviousCountedMailboxRow: - Select previous mailbox with a non-zero displayed count (same as selectPreviousCountedMailbox:`)
searchAllMessages: - Initiate search in “All Messages”
mailboxSearch: - Initiate search in currently selected mailbox
showThread: - Initiate search for messages in the same thread(s)
showCorrespondence: - Initiate search for messages with the same correspondent(s)


Selector Argument Action
selectAll: - Select all messages
deselectAll: - Clear selection of messages
selectThread: - Select all messages in a thread
moveDownAndModifySelection: - Extend selection downwards
moveUpAndModifySelection: - Extend selection upwards
selectWithFilter: Filter format string Select a subset of messages matched by the filter

Message display

Selector Argument Action
nextAlternative: - Switch to next display alternative (usually only plain text and HTML alternatives exist)
previousAlternative: - Switch to previous display alternative (usually only plain text and HTML alternatives exist)
downloadResources: - Allow the external resources/images of the currently displayed message to be downloaded once (potentially allowing tracking)
downloadAllResources: - Works like downloadResources:, but this will also include any strictly blocked resources

Message actions

Selector Argument Action
openMessages: - Open message(s) in separate window(s)
newMessage: - Create new message and open composer
reply: - Reply to selected message
replySender: - Reply to only the sender of the selected message
replyAll: - Reply to both sender and all recipients of the selected message
replyList: - Reply to the mailing list of the selected message (if possible)
forwardMessage: - Forward selected message(s)
forwardAsAttachment: - Forward selected message as an attachment
redirectMessage: - Redirect selected message
moveToMailbox: Mailbox UUID (optional) Move selected messages to mailbox (or show mailbox selection window)
moveThreadToMailbox: Mailbox UUID (not fully implemented)
copyToMailbox: Mailbox UUID Copy selected messages to mailbox
archive: - Shorthand for ( 'moveToMailbox:', 'archive' )
moveToJunk: - Shorthand for ( 'moveToMailbox:', 'junk' )
deleteMessage: - Shorthand for ( 'moveToMailbox:', 'trash' )
expungeMessage: - Delete without moving to the trash mailbox
toggleTag: IMAP keyword Toggle an IMAP keyword (not necessarily a tag)
setTag: IMAP keyword Set an IMAP keyword (not necessarily a tag)
removeTag: IMAP keyword Remove an IMAP keyword (not necessarily a tag)
clearTags: - Remove all tags of the selected messages
toggleReadState: - Shorthand for ( 'toggleTag:', '\\Seen' )
markAsRead: - Shorthand for ( 'removeTag:', '\\Seen' )
markAsUnread: - Shorthand for ( 'setTag:', '\\Seen' )
toggleFlag: - Shorthand for ( 'toggleTag:', '\\Flagged' )
toggleMuteState: - Shorthand for ( 'toggleTag:', '$Muted' )
markAsJunk: - Shorthand for ( 'setTag:', '$Junk' ) — automatically clears not-junk related tags
markAsNotJunk: - Shorthand for ( 'setTag:', '$NotJunk' ) — automatically clears junk related tags
saveAttachments: - Display “Save Attachments” panel
saveAttachmentsInDownloads: - Save attachments in the default downloads folder
removeAttachments: - Remove all attachments and update the message on the IMAP server (with the stripped variant).
undo: - Undo action (moved messages or keyword changes)
redo: - Redo action (moved messages or keyword changes)
copyAsLink: - Put the message: URL of the currently selected message on the pasteboard.

Mailbox actions

Selector Argument Action
newIMAPMailbox: - Create an IMAP mailbox in the currently selected IMAP account/mailbox.
newSmartMailbox: - Create a smart mailbox.
mailboxToggleTag: IMAP keyword Toggle tag for messages in currently displayed mailbox (or search result)
mailboxSetTag: IMAP keyword Set tag for messages in currently displayed mailbox (or search result)
mailboxRemoveTag: IMAP keyword Remove tag for messages in currently displayed mailbox (or search result)
markAllAsRead: - Mark all emails in the current mailbox as read.
expungeDeletedMessages:* - Permanently delete any messages marked as \Deleted in the currently displayed mailbox (or search result)
emptyMailbox: - Empty the current mailbox (by default this only works for junk/trash mailboxes)
applyRules: - Apply the rules of the currently selected mailbox to the currently selected messages
refreshMailbox: - Forces a refresh of smart mailboxes hanging on to certain types of messages (like recently read messages in the Unread mailbox)
toggleFilterKey: key Experimental feature allowing the user to temporarily enable/disable a filter. Currently, the only supported key is unread.
setFilterKey: key See toggleFilterKey:.
removeFilterKey: key See toggleFilterKey:.
saveMailboxExpansions: - Save the set of currently expanded mailboxes.
restoreMailboxExpansions: - Restore the set of currently expanded mailboxes to the saved state. By default, this expands the top-level mailboxes.
synchronize: Mailbox UUID (optional) Synchronize the given mailbox or any IMAP mailboxes on which it is based. If no mailbox is given then any selected mailboxes are synchronized.
toggleOnlineState: - Toggle online state of the selected mailboxes.
toggleOnlineStateOfAllAccounts: - Toggle online state of all accounts.

* Experimental feature which can be used to make MailMate behave like a traditional IMAP email client. Currently this also requires enabling the following preference in the Terminal (to prevent MailMate from hiding \Deleted messages):

defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmShowDeletedMessages -bool YES


Selector Argument Action
saveDocument: - Save draft
showContextMenu: - Show context sensitive menu (can be used to show spelling alternatives in the composer)
showHeaders: - Show headers menu
showSignatures: - Show signatures menu
showMarkupLanguage: - Show markup menu
showIdentities: - Show identities menu (choice of “From”)
toggleMarkdown: - Enable/disable the use of Markdown (a bit faster than using showMarkupLanguage:).
toggleBold: - Toggle styling of the current selection or word at the current caret location.
toggleItalic: - Toggle styling of the current selection or word at the current caret location.
toggleCode: - Toggle styling of the current selection or word at the current caret location.
send: - Send message
sendAndArchiveParent: - Send message and then archive the replied message
sendAndMoveParentToMailbox: Mailbox UUID Send message and then move the replied message to the given mailbox
insertString: string Insert text in composer
pasteAsQuotedText: - Paste text with an increased quoting level
insertFormatString:** format string Insert text in composer using a format string
moveSignatureToTop: - Move signature above replied text, so-called “top-posting”
moveSignatureToBottom: - Move signature below replied text (and move signature if used), so-called “bottom-posting”

** Experimental feature added as an alternative to insertText:. Mainly to allow one to do something like "x" = ( "reply:", "insertFormatString:", "Hi ${},\n\n");.


Selector Argument Action
performBundleItemWithUUID: Command UUID Launch bundle command with the given UUID.